Quality & Craftsmanship

Quality and durability of Home Group products are founded on its thoughtful design and robust quality management systems.

We make upholstery quality furniture affordable.

Home Group strive to constantly extend our offer and anticipate the needs of our customers. Our Team has a strong expertise in the development of upholstery furniture that can be produced with quality and at an affordable price.

We start from sketches of the products before prototyping the ones that we think will meet the need of our customers. We carefully choose the raw materials and components to use to meet our customers’ needs. We ensure a secure product implementation in our factories. We follow up with continuous technology and process improvements. These are some of the prerequisites to make quality upholstery furniture affordable.

We have received certification of our Supply Chain Security Management System in accordance with ISO 28000:2007.

Home Group’s quality management systems are designed to secure delivery of a quality product to our customers at an optimal cost. It includes quality inspection of the incoming raw materials, in-process quality control, finished good checks, and control of the business processes impacting the quality of the product.