Code of Conduct


The way we deal with our business partners and how we act internally shall be characterized by honesty, respect, fairness and integrity. We shall always comply with the laws and regulations in all jurisdictions where we do business. We shall not offer or accept from customers and other business partners, official institutions, or representatives of such entities, any rewards or benefits that violate any applicable laws or this Code. We will ensure that our employees and our business partners (suppliers, customers, and sub-contractors, etc.), are aware of our Code.

Lorraine McMahon

Group President

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    The Home Group Compliance Office consist of colleagues from the Group Management Team only.

    Experts from Home Group locations can be involved when needed. We will ensure that the investigation will not harm the employee who reported about the problem in any way.

    Code of Conduct Кодекс поведінки Kodeks etyczny Elgesio kodeksas